The reasons not to choose a Zodiac printer

When is the Zodiac thermal transfer printer not the best choice for your production line? Remco Krosenbrink, Sales Engineer at Automator, can explain that in great detail. The good thing is that he also knows exactly when the Zodiac printer does make the right choice.

When is this type of printer not the right choice?
The Zodiac printer has been a byword among inline thermal transfer printers for many years. But when is it better to choose a different printer? Remco Krosenbrink explains: “There are two situations where the Zodiac printer is not suitable to be placed within the production line. The Zodiac has a print width of up to 4 inches. If the layout of the print you need is wider, I have an excellent alternative to the Zodiac. The second situation where I recommend a different printer is when the film throughput is above 1,000 millimetres per second.”

When is the Zodiac a good choice?
Earlier, we read that the Zodiac is an established name in the market. The printer has been widely used within a variety of manufacturing processes for years. But why then is the Zodiac such a popular printer?
“The Zodiac printers have been operational in various production environments for years. Over that time, feedback from the shop floor has always been keenly taken on board. With that feedback in mind, the printers have continually been improved using the latest technologies. The latest generation of Zodiac printers has therefore been optimised in terms of productivity, quality and efficiency,” Remco replies.

That sounds good, but how exactly is that reflected on the shop floor? “In short, the printers require minimal maintenance and deliver maximum uptime. So, no time is unnecessarily wasted. And since time is often unavailable, this, along with the high print quality, is the main reason why the Zodiac is such a popular printer”, responds Remco.
“For example, Intelligent Motion™ technology eliminates the need for compressed air, as well as the associated costs and downtime, maximising print head life and ensuring consistent print quality. In addition, the simple cassette design allows for quick changes and more efficient operation, reducing downtime,”
Remco explains more fully.

Specifications of the Zodiac thermal transfer printer
The Zodiac range includes three types of printers: the Eagle, Hawk and Falcon. You can read more about the technical features and specifications for each printer in the brochure.

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