Tip! Make a backup of your printer settings.

Making a backup is done in no time and it saves you so much time when you need it.

Read on for the instructions. It contains the steps for the following printers:
Zodiac HS & ES - Zodiac Hawk - Zodiac Falcon - Zodiac Eagle - Vulcan - Torus.

Useful and clever solution for detection within your production line: the Smart-VS from Datalogic

We give you 9 reasons for integrating the Smart-VS into your production line.

Now on the market: the marking station for large parts

Do you have to put marking on large parts or products up to 520 mm high and 820 mm deep? If so, read on. It might just be that we have something interesting for you.

I-speed SIC marking integrable dot marker

Now available: SIC Marking’s i-speed - currently one of the fastest integrated dot markers

SIC Marking, a leading supplier of various marking equipment, now has a lightning-fast integrated dot marker: the i-speed. This is one of the fastest of its kind and marks up to 10 characters per second.

The ZODIAC thermal transfer printer in 1 line with DATALOGIC IMPACT+OCR

Your guarantee of the highest possible printing quality

The printed information such as expiry date on packaging must be clearly legible. An illegible date or code can lead to returns, fines and even product recall. In-line inspection offers the solution.

New Datalogic DS5100 laser scanner: performs under all operating conditions

Datalogic, the world leader in automatic data capture and process automation, announces the DS5100: a flexible, powerful and compact laser scanner.