Verkuijlen Groente & Fruit print with ICE Zodiac thermal transfer printer

The family business of Verkuijlen Groente & Fruit specialises in, among other things growing, harvesting and processing asparagus. The real time information - here one might think of the best before date and the country of origin - is applied to the packaging in Packing with various models of the ICE Zodiac thermal transfer printer.

PEGA boottrailers applies marking with portable dot marker

PEGA boottrailers develops, produces and supplies boat trailers. Every boat trailer that is marked is given a unique chassis number. The marking is applied with a dot marker mounted in a mobile frame.

Dot marker makes an indelible impression at Superflex

Superflex Europe makes prefabricated pipes precisely to the client’s design. Because of legislation, regulations and traceability, a number of clients require the article number to be permanently legible. In such cases, the article number is applied with a dot marker.

Viper printer puts THT date on world dishes at Heemskerk fresh & easy

Family business Heemskerk fresh & easy in Rijnsburg produces some 3.4 million fresh products a week, including world dishes. The Viper+ thermal inkjet printer places the THT date on the packaging of these world dishes. We were allowed to visit this beautiful company!

KS profile uses handheld inkjet printers as a backup printer

It can sometimes happen that the in-line printer breaks down during a production run. If it’s not possible to run the products through the in-line printer again, a handheld inkjet printer offers a solution.

Seed breeder Bejo works with a customised printing solution

Bejo has chosen an Automator print solution to print on two sides of its packaging boxes. The boxes are printed with a Torus inkjet printer, which is placed in a spring-mounted frame. The print is checked with a Datalogic scanner.