Tuinderij Vers checks production with Datalogic solution

Tuinderij Vers checks packaging with Datalogic solution

Within the food industry, you see an increasing amount of automated checking. Not surprisingly, a mistake can lead to (expensive) recalls and reputational damage. Tuinderij Vers has also built automated checks into its production process.

BMI-Thegon marks with lasers

BMI-Thegon is a specialist in machining with a diverse customer base. The parts they make for their customers are also very varied. And that requires a high degree of flexibility from BMI-Thegon's machinery. For marking the parts, BMI-Thegon uses laser marking stations from SIC Marking.

SIC Marking E-mark dotpeen marker

Tanis marks with a dot peen marker

Tanis has been developing production lines for all kinds of confectionery for more than 25 years, specialising in production lines for making the tastiest gummies and jellies. For marking parts, they use an E-mark dot peen marker from SIC Marking.

Yilmaz Radish automates production

Yilmaz Radish has been growing loose radishes and bunch radishes since 2001. From Poeldijk, radishes are delivered to retailers, wholesalers and end users. Placing information on the packaging is automated with a SATO print engine and EME labeller.

BMI-Thegon combines SIC laser with a cobot

Because BMI-Thegon makes products and components for various clients, the marking requirements are very diverse.  BMI-Thegon addresses this by using a variety of marking techniques. Recently, a step was taken towards automation: the laser marking station now works together with a cobot. 

QiZiNi applies labels with the labeller from EME

QiZiNi makes the tastiest sandwiches, wraps, (luxury) paninis, filled baguettes and sandwiches. The packaging of all these delicacies is labelled with an EME 2000 series labeller.