KS profile uses handheld inkjet printers as a backup printer

It can sometimes happen that the in-line printer breaks down during a production run. If it’s not possible to run the products through the in-line printer again, a handheld inkjet printer offers a solution.

Seed breeder Bejo works with a customised printing solution

Bejo has chosen an Automator print solution to print on two sides of its packaging boxes. The boxes are printed with a Torus inkjet printer, which is placed in a spring-mounted frame. The print is checked with a Datalogic scanner.

Torus inkjet printer provides printing to outer packaging for Inex

Inex is a Belgian, family-run dairy products company. The Torus high resolution inkjet printer is used on various packaging lines to provide the correct information on the outer packaging. The Torus is a high-quality box printer that is extremely suitable for printing on porous boxes.

TracTive Suspension verifies with a Datalogic solution

One day in March last year, a big name in the car and motorbike industry, BMW, came to TracTive Suspension with a challenging issue. TracTive Suspension then contacted Sander van der Valk, Sales Engineer at Automator, with the question: do you have a solution that would allow us to guarantee our customer that the required amount of Loctite has been applied to every component?

EME top/bottom labeler

Trofi Pack has the desired flexibility with EME labelling systems

Trofi Pack packs fruit for different customers. Each customer has their own requirements regarding the position of the label and what information should be printed on it. With the EME top/bottom labeller, Trofi Pack has the flexibility to fully meet the wishes of its customers.

Dekker Zevenhuizen labels worktops with Vulcan print & apply labeler

In 2020, the need arose at Dekker Zevenhuizen to renew the labeler that was in use. From the various label solutions that Automator offers, a choice has been made for a 'Vulcan tamp apply' system. In this version of the Vulcan print & apply labeler, a cylinder mounted on the labeler, places the label on the product.