Dekker Zevenhuizen labels worktops with Vulcan print & apply labeler

In 2020, the need arose at Dekker Zevenhuizen to renew the labeler that was in use. From the various label solutions that Automator offers, a choice has been made for a 'Vulcan tamp apply' system. In this version of the Vulcan print & apply labeler, a cylinder mounted on the labeler, places the label on the product.

Another real-life coding case

"You have a code issue, we are a solution."

And that for almost 60 years long. We do not just offer a coding system, but with our years of experience, we help you in designing, delivering and installing the best coding solution. To give you an idea of ​​how we do that, we have an interesting customer case for you.
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A real-life coding case

Niko - Illuminating ideas, had an issue for which a solution could not immediately be found. It was an issue outside of their own field of expertise: a coding issue. That was the issue with which Niko came to Automator.