4 'True or false' facts about laser marking

We often hear the same beliefs from our clients about laser marking. A laser is expensive, complicated and probably not suitable for my application, but it does give one of the best marking results.
But is this really the case? We put 4 questions to our Sales Engineer and specialist in the field of laser marking, Sander van der Valk.

Labeling is more than ‘putting on a sticker’

There are several reasons for attaching a label to a product. For instance, the label might contain product information and a use by date. The label might also play a part in the area of traceability. But what exactly do you have to look for when buying a labeler? You can read more about this in this blog with an explanation by our Sales Engineer and product specialist in the field of labeling, Remco Krosenbrink.

Your maintenance, our concern - the benefits of a service contract

Regular maintenance is necessary to allow your printer and/or labeler to operate at maximum capability and to extend its working life. We will be happy to help you to ensure that your system is actually maintained at fixed intervals!
In this blog we tell you the benefits of a service contract.