Thermal transfer printer Zodiac

The reasons not to choose a Zodiac printer

When is the Zodiac thermal transfer printer not the best choice for your production line? Remco Krosenbrink, Sales Manager at Automator, can explain that in great detail. The good thing is that he also knows exactly when the Zodiac printer does make the right choice.

Dot peen marking

How often do scribe and dot peen markers require maintenance?

If you buy a marker, you naturally want to know what costs you can expect in the future in addition to the purchase price. Therefore, a frequently asked question is how much maintenance our scratch and dot markers require. Frank Van Dyck, Sales Engineer at Automator, answers the question and provides insight into the costs to be expected during their service life.

Periodic maintenance extends lifespan and improves printer and/or labeler performance

Share (technical) knowledge internally in good time

The holiday period is approaching, and one colleague after another pulls the company door shut behind them for a few weeks. Will that colleague also walk out the door with knowledge that could well be needed during their absence? Identify in good time where knowledge transfer is needed.

Printing multiple colours simultaneously, is that possible?

In the vast majority of printing applications in the food industry, we see that information, such as best-before dates and barcodes, is printed in a single colour. Do you have a printer that can print multiple colours? is a question that comes up regularly. Sales Engineer Remco Krosenbrink answers.

How deep is the marking with a dot marker?

Dot marking is a frequently used manner to place an indelible marking in hard materials. Our Sales Engineers are regularly asked the question: How deep is the marking with a dot marker? Frank Van Dyck, Sales Engineer at Automator, addresses this question.

A dot peen marking doesn't look precise, does it?

This week, the question was again put to Sander van der Valk, Sales Engineer at Automator: A dot peen marker doesn't make a precise mark, does it? This was not the first time Sander heard this question, and I’m sure it won't be the last. This is a great question for Sander to answer here.