Now available: SIC Marking’s i-speed - currently one of the fastest integrated dot markers

SIC Marking, a leading supplier of various marking equipment, now has a lightning-fast integrated dot marker: the i-speed. This is one of the fastest of its kind and marks up to 10 characters per second.

SIC Marking’s i-speed is an addition to the range of markers from this manufacturer. And what a marker! This dot marker is capable of lightning-fast high-quality marking on very unusual materials. And what is more, it can be extremely well integrated into an industrial environment. “With a relatively simple software update to your existing E10 Sic controller, it is possible to connect the latest i-speed dot marker to your existing controller. This makes it especially important to just have a look at the kind of production benefits that can be achieved with this i-speed if there is a requirement for greater marking speed within the production process,” explains Sander van der Valk, Sales Engineer at Automator.

Speed and quality
The i-speed is equipped with the very latest marking technology. So the marking speed is significantly faster. This does not alter the fact that this marking machine is also simply a high-quality machine, as you would expect from SIC Marking. “So the i-speed is a robust machine that needs minimum maintenance,” explains Sander, “which is suitable for use in an industrial environment and it can mark varied materials and surfaces. The e10 controller ensures great ease of use for the operator and there is software optionally available for operating the dot marker via a PC.”

You will find more information and the technical specifications in the SIC Marking i-speed brochure.

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