The ZODIAC thermal transfer printer in 1 line with DATALOGIC IMPACT+OCR

Your guarantee of the highest possible printing quality

The printed information such as expiry date on packaging must be clearly legible. An illegible date or code can lead to returns, fines and even product recall. Many companies strive for consistent printing quality on their packing lines.

One way of monitoring printing quality is to carry out random sampling. If an inferior print is found during random sampling, then it is necessary to see how many of the preceding prints were also of poor quality. Often a time-consuming, expensive task, sometimes with considerable volumes of packaging that do not meet the requirements.

An in-line inspection solution is a reliable way of checking printing quality in real time. So you can intervene immediately if the printing does not fulfil your requirements. At the speeds which a Zodiac Thermal Transfer printer achieves, this can provide a really big benefit. With an in-line inspection solution, waste from incorrect printing is a thing of the past. So you save waste, expense and time.

IMPACT + OCR: An innovative solution for the inspection of variable print data
The new Datalogic P19 Smart Camera is controlled by IMPACT + OCR. The P19 Smart Camera is an embedded standalone device with a high-resolution CMOS sensor (1280x1024 pixels) with an inspection speed of up to 60 images per second.

We list a number of the eye-catching features for you below:

  • Thanks to the intuitive user interface, a large number of OCR inspections can easily be set up.
  • Lenses and lights in the camera are fully replaceable and can be installed or replaced by the user. Five focal lengths and nine lighting options result in 45 different combinations and therefore in maximum flexibility of the installation and superior image acquisition capability.
  • Thanks to its compact dimensions and rotating connectors, the P19 can be installed even in very small spaces.
  • The IP67 metal housing guarantees maximum protection in the harshest factory environments.

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