Laser delivers quality and flexibility

Codipro has been manufacturing patented lifting eyes in Luxembourg for more than 40 years. From single pieces to large batches and from standard to customised.
CODIPRO designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of swivelling lifting eyes for companies operating in the transport, logistics, shipbuilding, hoisting, aviation and wind energy sectors, among others.

Razor-sharp marking
Various information is placed on the (parts of the) lifting eyes, such as a traceability code or logo. Codipro does this with an XL-Box laser marking station produced by SIC Marking. By marking with a laser, they are assured of razor-sharp and indelible marking.

Customised solution with adjustable marking plate
Since Codipro can produce limitless versions of a lifting eye, there is logically also a difference in the size of the (end) products to be marked. The challenge was to achieve the correct focus distance to the laser for all these different sizes to ensure optimum marking.
The XL box at Codipro is therefore equipped with a height-adjustable marking plate. By adjusting the height of the plate, the desired high-quality marking can be placed on any format.

Watch the video made at Codipro's facilities here.

Want to know more?
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