Trofi Pack has the desired flexibility with EME labelling systems

Trofi Pack
Trofi Pack is a service provider specialised in the cooling, ripening and packing of exotic fruit. They provide their customers with an entry, storage and removal service for products. Fresh produce is managed and distributed on a customised basis.

Trofi Pack was established on 1 October 2016 and now operates with a flexible team of around fifty employees. In March 2020, Trofi Pack moved to Den Hoorn where a facility with thirteen packaging lines is located. Customers can follow the entire process, from storage to packaging, via the warehouse management system.

Flexibility required
Trofi Pack packs for several customers. Each customer specifies their requirements, including the position of the label and the information to be printed on it. Since this differs per customer, flexibility is a must.
At all packaging lines, Trofi Pack labels with the EME 4-120 PFP labelling system with Sato print engine, mounted on the Ulma Packaging flow pack wrappers and as top/bottom labelling system behind the Ulma Packaging tray sealers. This top/bottom labelling system can place and print a label on the top, bottom or top and bottom of the pack at the same time. This gives Trofi Pack the precise level of flexibility that is so important in meeting customer demand.

Watch here an EME top/bottom labelling system in operation at Trofi Pack.

Besides a top/bottom solution, EME supplies even more versions of labelling systems. An overview is available in the EME labelling solutions brochure. The labelling systems can be adapted entirely to your wishes and requirements.